Made with real DSi extract!

Feb 22, 2024

Didn’t expect to be adding something so quickly! I’ve created a new page for grabbing the icons from DSiWare (and normal DS games) and converting them to animated PNGs (or WebP). Click here to access the page. I’ve added some nice integer scale options, including converting the image to the correct size for a Discord sticker.

This all stemmed from wanting the Bird and Beans icon as a file, but I learned that because of GIF’s 30fps limit the only available method online for getting the animation was unideal. Using Epicpkmn11’s original Python icon extraction method I’ve made some adjustments and used PyScript to get it running on the page.

The one issue I’ve found so far is that Discord does not like APNG frames to be longer than one second, so I will need to look into workarounds for that. Unfortunately it means that a Flipnote Studio sticker won’t work without some conversion online to add dupe frames (which can also ruin the timings). I’ll be looking into this. If you find any issues yourself, please let me know!